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Default Crystal and profession Iebeads Jewelry store

Crystal and profession
Crystal and profession
Information, plan, design
Stone of eye of topaz, violet brilliant, hair brilliant, tiger, can strengthen ponder over inspiration of ability, creation, design.
Law, money is met
Suit brilliant of stone of eye of citrine, tiger, golden hair, citrine, help person is saner, have wisdom of patient, more attentive, more businesslike, development.
Administrator, officeholder
Brilliant of green ghostliness, green hair, be helpful for rising step by step, the career is successful, the life is stable.
Human affairs
Suit powdery brilliant, violet brilliant, make a person help somebody predestined relationship, easily adjacent, close charitable person meaning, can guide popular feeling, stable mood.

Give advice
Suit violet brilliant, make poll head sober, thought nimble, insight is critical.

Marrow of Hai Labao, turquoise, strengthen persuade ability and expressive ability, aid listen at the student religion reach absorb.
The market, sale
Send brilliant, violet brilliant, pink brilliant, stone of royal seal of powdery green jade, red grain, make the circle outside the person truly be good at a screen-like mountain peak is written steel, patulous reinforce human concern.
Service industry
Violet brilliant, pink brilliant, strengthen affinity, have business reason,NATURAL WHITE CRYSTAL 6MM DOUBLE RING LADIES JEWELRY FASHIONABLE SWEET BRACELET, show pleasant smiles, have patience.

Company controller, director
Brilliant of yellow golden hair, Hei Fajing, citrine, green ghostliness, 7 stars blast, strengthen the boldness of vision of important matter course of study, leadership, work composed and honest, exchequer billow.
Cure protects personnel
Bai Shuijing, obsidian, can drive negative energy and ill gas.
Professional driver or carrying trade personage
Obsidian, can maintain mood stability, mental concentration; Fair brilliant can be changed evil spirit, prevent an accident. Additional, can put on the cabinet of backlash green ghostliness increase money use, money way nature is expedite!
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