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K38 Participates During Training

December 10th, 2011 Morro Bay, California

During my last K38 Rescue Water Craft course of the calendar year, I pushed off my Kawasaki JET SKI and reached for a floating piece of plastic. I easily recognized what was in my grasp. I reached back over my shoulder and opened my Force 6 Lifejacket pouch, dropping the debris in and zipping closed the top I clambered back on to watch my students in the waves perform their rotations.

During training, the ocean is on a constant drift and reset. I monitor my landmarks to reposition. As I'm looking up towards the sand dune a noticeable flash curls above the rise of sand. I squint to stare at the cleft, again another familiar object sways. A clasp of birthday balloons still inflated and fresh are caught within their ribbon tendrils snarled on the sage brush. I push off again and run towards the dune about 100 yards away, leaving my rescue boat in the shallow waters, pulling out my rescue knife. I untangle the ribbons, slice the balloons, gather them and twine them into a small ball.

Back at my JET SKI I stash them in the front cowling cover of the hood. The pile is growing. Soon, I have filled up the JET SKI and hit my limit for storage capacity. Even during races or trainings, I recover the discarded items of my fellow citizens. And especially att event management jobs I'm hired to direct, I require my water safety staff to conduct hourly inspections and beach checks for refuse removal. It doesn't take much effort once it becomes an operational standard. Sometimes the size and weight of the debris can be a problem for recovery and disposal in some conditions. But we manage what is doable.

I have been teaching my child this human behavior. It's just that, simply a behavior. Pick up your garbage and that of those around you, just because you can do it. You will feel better.
Training With Trash on My Back

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Steward Of The Environment
by Mark Gerner

After riding PWCs in the ocean for the last 13 years, I experienced yet another first this past Sunday. The group made a Long Beach to Catalina and back offshore training ride and we had about 10 Racers, including Shawn Alladio.

I'll save you the detail, the long story short is that we had a great pace out, a great pace on the return leg from Avalon only for me to experience a mechanical about 14 miles from Long Beach. Shawn Alladio, the consumate professional who is always willing to assist, quickly jumped in and offered to give me a tow from her reliable Kawasaki 12F. I agreed, we linked up and away we went at the speed of 12 knots. We talked about various topics then at about ten minutes into the tow I noticed Shawn veering off course and found myself wondered what she was doing.

She appeared focused, given that it was Shawn I didn't question and just let her do her thing. I must acknowledge that I wondered why she was going so far off course towing the thousand pound ULTRA250X craft, but she appeared to be determined and therefore I thought, so be it, let her do her thing.

Off in the distance I saw some trash drifting in the ocean with Shawn clearly focused on getting it out of the water. "Is she going this far out of the way to pick up drifting trash" I thought. Sure enough, she went over, picked it out of the water and placed it safely in the tray.

"I hate trash in the water' said Shawn.

This process happened three more times during the long tow back. I must acknowledge that I always pick up anything I drop in the water, however I have never altered my course while I'm over 10 miles off shore to go pick up a piece of plastic.

This was a first and resulted in a shift of my paradigm, one of many things Shawn Alladio does well. Shawn is the real deal, she gives a sh-- and her actions (her actions) demonstrate. Some people talk smack and then fail to execute, others lead by example and action. Shawn is one of these people.

For more information of offshore and endurance PWC / Jetski racing:

Balloons from the ocean on the Dana Point Sprint to Catalina race, picked up garbage to the delight of Shaniah!

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